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"The Common Problem Facing Every Athlete"

Dear Friend:

I don't have to tell you how important testosterone is to your muscle growth and production. If you're a bodybuilder, an endurance athlete or a “gym rat”, you already know that testosterone is the lifeblood of muscle growth.

If that's the case, why aren't you doing more to improve your testosterone levels?

Why don’t you have a CONSTANT flow of testosterone in your body? You probably keep a strict diet and you may even keep solid arsenal of supplements. No doubt you are dedicated and you work hard in the gym. If that's also the case (and I believe it is), why aren't you getting the results you are looking for?

In my humble opinion, there are two reasons why you're not getting results -- the first one is...

1. Your Anabolic Hormones Are Not Fully Activated
2. Your Muscles Aren’t Equipped to Grow (or Recover) Like they Should

If you fall into the first category, you're not alone. You and most other bodybuilders and endurance athletes have never felt what it’s like to activate your anabolic hormones. If you are in the second group, we have a solution for you.

Do you... 
  · Work countless hours in the gym only to find you aren’t any stronger week after week?
· Feel like a weakling, watching other people excel while can’t seem to make any progress?
· Get discouraged when you step on scale or look in the mirror?
· Dislike the embarrassment and shame you feel when you fall for another supplement ad that’s just full of empty promises?
· Feel like you want to give up when your hard work isn’t paying off?
  · Do you find yourself looking for excuses to not go workout?
· Is it difficult to get motivated to get to the gym?
· Are you irritated because you have no control over your progress?

If this describes you in the least bit, then the Red X Labs, RX5™ recovery system was developed specifically for you. You see, the beauty of this product is that you can...

"...Get a Steady Stream of Muscle Producing Testosterone while using a Proven Muscle Recovery System that Keeps on Working Like a Machine -- Long After You're done Working Out -- Without Harmful Side Effects."

Instead of falling into your old, predictable pattern or wasting your time and money on dangerous and unpredictable anabolic steroids, RX5 will open up your natural testosterone pathways and put you in an anabolic state setting you up for success… right from the first dose!

In fact, RX5 will allow you to...
  · Never have to worry if you are in an anabolic state before or after a workout.
· Get all the muscle growth you can handle with the pride and safety that you deserve.
· Put on quality muscle that won’t disappear when you go stop using it.
· Stay focused and motivated to get in the gym and work hard.
· Walk through life with the pride and self-confidence you’ve always wanted.
· Get the respect of everyone at the gym, people will actually ask you what your secret is.
· Give you complete control over your progress.

Isn't that what a high-performing muscle building system is supposed to do?

Remember, not all muscle builders are the same. From my long-time supplement consulting experience I've seen many muscle builders and have concluded that...

"...There are Three Types of Muscle Builders, (1) Ones that Don't Work, (2) Ones that Bring Mediocre Results, and (3) Those that Have the Ability to Completely Transform Your Body. Here's How to Tell the Difference..."

The best muscle building systems that have the power to completely transform your body all have these five characteristics:

1. They activate your anabolic hormones. Specifically they activate your testosterone production system. Your testosterone level is arguably the most important factor, not just in how fast your body produces muscle, but the quality of muscle that is produced as well! The best muscle building systems keep the production of testosterone active… almost continuously.

2. They focus on muscle growth through recovery. High performance muscle builders focus the majority of their effects on recovery! Muscle growth happens, not when you are breaking down the muscle, but when you are resting. Breaking down muscle is easy… it’s the recovery part where most people fail.

3. They are built to be cycled. Any product that is strong enough to transform your body should be cycled off periodically in order to give your body a chance to adapt to its unnatural effects. In fact, this is one of the biggest oversights of anabolic steroid users that always leads to nasty, unwanted side effects. And because “transformational” muscle building systems are designed effect people's testosterone production, they should all be cycled.

4. They have a solid scientific backbone. Let's face it – many of the products on the market today are simply put together with little or no scientific data to back them up. Their manufacturers are either lazy or too busy to care about your results to put your best interest ahead of theirs.

5. They stand the test of time. No muscle building system will work for a very long time if people aren’t happy with the results they get when they use it. The best products stand the test of time because they constantly provide reliable results.

With the RX5 muscle recovery system, you'll be able to...

"Turn Up your Muscle Production at Will Like Turning On a Light Switch. If You Want More Muscle -- You Just Turn It On!"

The reason you can do this is because RX5 is a muscle recovery SYSTEM that has demonstrated its ability to work. A system, is a group of interdependent elements forming a complex whole, which produces results that are, (1) predictable, (2) consistent, and (3) replicable meaning that they work the same way, over and over and produce the same, or very similar results every time.

I get excited about proven muscle building s-y-s-t-e-m-s because they always...

And that's exactly what the RX5 muscle recovery system will do. It will save you time, energy, and a lot of money. Every ingredient in RX5 contributes to a systematic process that works every time, over and over again.

If you want to get more muscle… more testosterone induced muscle… simply take RX5. For instance, one of the ingredients in RX5 is an innovative herbal extract that comes from Japanese bamboo that most so called “biochemists” have never even heard of. If you want to increase your muscle production through recovery all you have to do is take RX5 immediately following your workout… It's that simple.

"The RX5 Muscle Recovery System Gives You a Scientific Approach to Tap Deep
Into your Network of Muscle Fibers to
Produce Tons Of Strong, Hard, Quality Muscle… Fast!"

It is said that post workout recovery is the most important factor in building muscle. Imagine if you were able put your body into a perfect recovery state immediately following each and every workout… and stay in that “anabolic zone” for up to 3 or 4 days after every workout! The result could be 7-10 pounds of new, hard, quality muscle in one short month!

That’s being conservative. Many of the athletes that us the RX5 system will be motivated and dedicated enough to use RX5 to completely transform their body to a point where they never believed they could get… and frankly probably never could without it.

RX5 is a powerful, nearly "pharmaceutical grade" anabolic from Red X Labs. The active components are imported directly from S.E. Europe then amalgamated in a small laboratory here in the USA. We Only have a very limited run of 640 bottles so please dont let this rare product offering pass you up!

"Imagine What It Would Mean to Your Physique If You Never Had to Worry About Nasty Side Effects Again While Staying in a Highly Anabolic State Long After Each and Every Workout"

Nearly every person that uses the RX5 system finds they have had few to NO side effects. What they do get is MASSIVE GAINS without much more work than they are already doing. That's called "leverage." Leverage is when you put forth a small effort into something that provides exponential returns.

That's what the RX5 system is about. Leveraging your time and effort to put on a multitude of new muscle growth that you never would have been able to get without taking a huge financial and health risk taking illegal anabolic steroids.

"I Feel the RX5 Muscle Recovery System Contains the World's Most Powerful Formulation of Proven and Effective Muscle Building Components Ever Assembled..."

One dose of the RX5 muscle recovery system and you’ll feel the effect of anabolic hormone activation in action. You’ll discover what it’s like to finally fully recover from your punishing workouts and see, first hand, the results that very few dedicated gym goers ever accomplish.

Suppose you were able to increase your bench press by 40 pounds in one month. I know it sounds incredible… almost too good to be true… I can assure you that’s because it is incredible… it is does sound too good to be true! But it is true.

In fact, in an in-house, "clinical" study we compared 6 seasoned athletes using the RX5 system heads up against 6 who didn’t. Over a 6-week period we found that the average 1 Rep Max for the bench press went up an average of 9.42% in the RX5 group compared to only a 4.12% increase in the control group.

What if you were able to increase your bench press by a solid 9%? Not a “fake” 9% (that really ends up being 3.2%) like you’d get taking anabolic steroids. Then just imagine if you were able to do it again 2 months later? What could your bench press be in 6 months? How ‘bout a year? 275? 360? 405?

Regardless of what you can “imagine”, the reality is that if you apply your hard work and commitment (just like you already are) with the RX5 muscle recovery system, you’re going to get more hard, quality muscle than you ever thought possible. You'll look back and laugh at why you ever thought twice about purchasing the RX5 system.

In fact, after using the RX5 system, you'll be so excited about it that you'll call up all your friends and tell them to buy it for themselves.

You simply will not find another system like this. Anywhere. At any price!


After over 15 years of researching, designing and formulating nutritional supplements with some of the top industry leaders, all of us in the Red X Labs development team can confidently say with 100% assurance that the RX5 muscle recovery system is the most powerful muscle building tool you will ever invest in… bar none. Try it, you won't be disappointed!


  Duncan Chase
Product Specialist
Red X Labs R&D Team